Whether you want to create the next application to streamline healthcare, secure enterprises, conserve energy, or just looking for exposure to the latest technologies, let hatch IT introduce you to your next cutting-edge opportunity.

What Our Developers Are Saying...

  • “Nearly one year ago, Kevin first contacted me about Aledade, a startup seeking to transform American healthcare. They were hiring engineers and Kevin thought I was a good fit. I wasn't looking for work, but the opportunity so thoroughly matched my interests that I found it impossible to turn down.

    Today, I direct the web development team at Aledade. As we continue to grow and scale, we've been aggressively hiring on the tech team. Finding talented engineers can be difficult, but Hatch IT has made the process considerably easier. Each candidate that comes through Hatch IT has the skills needed to excel and a strong interest in our company mission. At every step of the way, Kevin's expertise has been an invaluable asset.

    As someone who's been on both sides of the hiring pipeline, I've found it a complete joy to work with Kevin and the team at Hatch IT.”

    - David Cain (Director of Application Development), Aledade

  • “Hatch helped me find the exact job I was looking for, with excellent benefits. The recruiter was very responsive and easy to work with. I highly recommend them and would definitely work with them again in the future.”

    - Ricky, Sr. JavaScript Engineer

  • “When engaging with Nader from hatch for my job search, I found his personality to be considerate and thorough. This is uniquely helpful if you’re junior or mid-level and could use advice - he’s good at giving it. He landed me a job that I liked, and his approach showed that he cares more about finding a good match rather than a quick match. He is knowledgeable about many of the diverse technologies and programming languages in use today such as Java, Angular, Node.js, and the MEAN stack, to name a few. I highly recommend using Nader as your recruiter!”

    - Phillip, Jr. Python Developer

  • "Hatch is not your typical recruitment firm. They don’t just try to place you somewhere just to hit a commission or meet a sales goal. And they certainly aren’t oblivious to the skills needed in tech. They took the time to listen to my needs and helped me fully understand all of my options, leading me to one of the most exciting and challenging companies in my career. We need more altruistic companies like this in the world.”

    - Mark, JavaScript Engineer

  • “Having lost funding at my job, I was racing around trying to find a new position. Kevin from hatch contacted me regarding a few positions, and one stuck out in particular as it was in the education industry, my dream! We talked back and forth for a while and set up several rounds of interviews with the various members of their engineering team. In the end, I was offered my dream job at an incredible company! The team I work with is everything I'd been missing in my last position. I am incredibly happy there, and thankful I got to work with Kevin, who continually checks up on my status in the new position.”

    – Tansy, UI/UX Engineer

  • "My recruiter from hatch made the whole 'getting hired' process a breeze. He had all of the info that I needed regarding the job. He represented me well to the company that ended up hiring me. Now I'm working in an industry that I love, and earning a substantially higher salary than before."

    – Zach, Python Developer

  • “I will recommend Kevin Judge and hatch IT to all of my peers that are in the market for exciting tech jobs. Kevin took the time to understand my skills, my personality and my goals, and gave me opportunities to connect with companies I really could fit with. Hatch IT has valuable insights into the innovative companies in my area, which meant I could spend my time innovating for the company I was already with, while looking for the best company for me to innovate for next!”

    – Chris, Sr. Software Engineer

  • “Hatch helped me find the exact job I was looking for with excellent benefits. The recruiter was easy very responsive and easy to work with. I highly recommend them and would definitely work with them again in the future.”

    - Ricky, Sr. JavaScript Engineer